Mark 6 Intercooler 
  • For use on mild to extreme applications
  • A modified tube and fin core is utilized that is exclusive to PF Marine Intercoolers. Testing has shown that this units cooling capacity is surpassed by no other roots style marine intercooler.
  • The only intercooler on the market that features a "No welding or soldering" construction process
    • Cracks and leaks can propegate on cores that utilize a welded and soldered construction process
  • The core features CuproNickel water passageways for superior corrosion resistance and Copper air fins for superior cooling.
  • Unlike the competition who resorts to building their cores taller to compensate for a lack of cooling (taller cores have a higher pressure drop which eat up more horsepower), we built a more efficient core that is longer, to provide you with more cooling and less restriction between your motor and your supercharger.
  • The end water tanks are hard-anodized aluminum to reduce weight and to provide superior corrosion resistance. 
  • A unique water passageway system is used to provide maximum cooling
  • The core sits on o-rings to reduce vibrations and other stresses on the core
  • The billet case feautures an integrated PSI Adapter plate
  • A unique air travel space between the core and the case is utilized to minimize entry and exit losses 
  • The outlet of the case is cut to match with a BDS/Blower shop intake
  • Custom case inlets and outlets are available
  • Will clear a small diameter distributor cap or MSD Marine Distributor
  • Can be used with any supercharger that utilizes a roots bolt pattern (roots xx-71, Quad Rotor Whipple, 5.0/8.3 Whipple, PSI Screw compressors) 
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